12 Sep How to Become a Better Leader?

Leadership is an art that takes time to learn and develop. There are many different styles and techniques for leadership that have been used since the beginning of time. One of the most effective is called servant leadership.

The Conflict

How can a leader be a servant and still carry the title and authority of being in charge? It is possible to play both roles of being a leader and servant. Let’s first clarify what servant leadership is.

Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is about having the desire to serve and help others. It’s about identifying and addressing the needs of others around you. This can be in your professional and personal life. This kind of leader has changed the mindset of putting their own interests and agenda on the back burner in order to meet the needs of others. This means being the servant first and leader second. A traditional leader usually focuses on moving to the top of the social totem pole and using the power they have to push and facilitate their own plan. A servant leader is willing to share power and delegate to get the common goal of others reached.

Value your Team

Two ways you can become a servant leader in your own team is by:

First, looking for the positive in your team instead of just finding faults. By doing this your team will perform at a higher level. Shift your mentality to look for the good and reward. As a leader it is vital to reward those who are doing well on your team. The intention of this is to improve their performance over the project life cycle.

Second, delegating decisions and responsibilities. Focus on spreading out as many decisions as possible so your colleagues can use their experience and expertise to help the organization. If a team member has been involved in a specific area of the project in the past, include them so they can make an effective contribution. As a servant leader you work hand in hand with your team.

Make A Difference

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Yvonne Bramble
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